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145 DKK

85 DKK


fra 845 DKK

fra 745 DKK

It is possible to order women's clothes without washing for 475 kr. If you wish this requires that you have no noticeable hair products. We recommend that you come with loose hairs. 

** It is possible to order men's clothes without washing for 375kr. If you wish this requires that you do not have hair wax as this will damage the scissors. We also recommend that your hair is freshly washed when you arrive.

*** The price is indicative and valid for 45 min. It is possible to book a home visit by appointment. This will add a supplement. This is not a bridal setup. See the different bridal packages here.


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"Most amazing hairdresser and makeup artist in Denmark! Perfect for international customers too! From simple to complex, she is the best!   "

- Reka Fodor

    23. maj 2017

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