What is Balayage?

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Written by: Mille Maria Vindelev  | Updated:  January 4th 2020

How to Avoid Outfits with Hair Coloring Method Balayage

Balayage is a hair dyeing method that does not give rise, as the color is "painted" with a brush with a free hand. The color is applied primarily to the hair lengths - especially the tips and sections that frame the face light up to create a slightly framed feel in the front. In this way, the contours of the face are emphasized.


The transitions between the colored lids are soft and flow completely together, which makes the result look more natural, without the great contrast that may arise from reflexes. Balayage is based on your own hairline, which is why no balayage is the same.

Balayage's technique can be used in all lengths of hair and can be combined with a wrap, which means that the tips are brightened more heavily.


The treatment takes extra time, since the hair must first be dyed with brush strokes and subsequent tones. Therefore, you should expect that total treatment takes 3-4 hours depending on whether your hair should be cut.


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