What is Babylights?

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Written by: Mille Maria Vindelev  | Date: 23 august 2018

How the color technique works - Babylights

Babylights are ultra thin and refined highlights, designed to imitate the beautiful and multidimensional hair color seen in children.


Color technique is emanated by the usual highlight / lowlight technique, which we commonly know as 'foil strips' - the difference is just the amount of hair in each foil and the separation between them.


To create babylights, ultrafine weaves are made with quite small passes hair, with a very small separation between the foils, which makes the fine highlights blend beautifully with the base color of the hair, which may well be colored in the hair first.

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Babylights can be applied to all hair dyes and hair types, the process can be done in any shade and match any skin color. When you have baby lights, there will be less maintenance, because the appearance due to the fine weaving becomes very natural and soft.


As more foil packs are made at babylights, you should also expect more time for the treatment. A babyligth treatment in normal hair takes 2.5-3 hours depending on whether the hair is to be cut.

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